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once upon a time

this is a list of apologies.

-i apologize to all of weston ward who have been missing me, i really want to see you all, but lately things have not been panning out in my favor, its plans always seem to be foiled lately..i'm sorry and i miss you all..(and yes, those of you in plantation ward that i know too)

-i apologize to people i've known since elementary school for barely finding the time to have a conversation with you. we need to hang out more and talk a lot more often, please.

-i apologize to hearts i've broken..i just believe in following what my heart and mind say, even if it ends up hurting the other person, it needs to be done right away or it will hurt worse, and both of us, in the end.

-i apologize to anyone i've disappointed. if you've ever looked up to me as a role model for something, and then you catch me doing something that you find to be hurtful, or to be against your view of me, then i'm sorry for tainting your view of who i am. or if i didn't live up to your expectations of me..

-i apologize to people i've been brutally honest with. i'm sorry if i've ever pointed somethign out to you that you didn't think was true, but i saw it as the truth. those things are usually hurtful and very critical of people. i never meant to hurt you..only to help you see it.

-i apologize for whining and putting my burdens on other peoples backs. i know its not your fault, and you should never let me take anything out on you..i know that when i flip out everything i say is extremly hurtful, but know that i'm flipping out to you because i trust you most and because i don't feel like i can break down in front of anyone else.

-i apologize to those i let drift from me. or rather let us drift apart, don't want to sound too conceided. we might have been best friends, and we started to hang out with other people..choose sides..left one another..maybe even became enemies..i'm sorry and i wish we could have stayed friends.

thats it i suppose...
over all, i'm sorry for being me.

forgive me.

I wish we could open our eyes
To see in all directions at the same time
Oh what a beautiful view
If you were never aware of what was around you
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