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do you love me?..or more so..are you skilled?, Harry Potter and The Goblet OF Fire is one of the greatest movies i have ever seen.

i love it with my whole soul..

the Contest:

Who can make, or find, me the coolest, sweetest, most incredible Harry Potter (GOF) icon?

email me all of your choices:

the winner to be announced in two days..

lol i hope SOMEONE does this..i love you.
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so, i'm not skilled, but i think the greatest icon would be me and your faces photoshopped onto harry and hermione's heads. BFF...hahahahaha...

i love you benj. <3333
ditto, love.

lol BFF.
okay i will lok into this, bust out some photoshop skillz.
the movie was awesome but they did kind of alter the details a bit.
pis posh..they just left some sub plots out...get over it.